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Tridio Twist

Tridio Twist

Spring 2012 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: Fat Brain Toys
Price: $19.95

This block game is definitely not for blockheads. Its manufacturer calls it a "cleverly cunning cubicle conundrum," which is certainly accurate, as this game is a riddle or problem that involves an unexpected twist. That's because Tridio Twist does indeed add a new twist to arranging blocks.

Players try to recreate pictured block-structure challenges using three cubic clusters (one double cube, one triple cube and one quadruple cube). Each cube in the clusters has black sides, white sides and green sides, and is attached with joints that enable twisting and turning. The mechanism is like the twisting action in Rubik's Cubes. The 48 challenges in the Tridio Puzzle Book require maneuvering the cubes for color location and shape. And the puzzles aren't easy. The game encourages brainteaser-type thinking as well as some eye-hand coordination. Persistent problem solvers will find the challenge to be fun and do-able. And, they're oddly gratifying when you finally get a puzzle done.

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