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Safety Smart Science: Germs and Your Health

Safety Smart Science: Germs and Your Health

Spring 2012 DVD
Ages: 10 - 15 yrs.
DVD Price: $29.99

The focus of this 25-minute program is germs, how they spread and how to stop them. Safety Smart Science is a product of Disney Educational Productions and when it comes to lively educational material, Disney knows how to do it right.

Likable host Bill Nye the Science Guy uses easy-to-grasp experiments and eye-catching demonstrations to show - rather than tell - viewers how easily germs spread and why it's important to prevent that from happening. Aimed at viewers aged ten to fifteen, Nye knows just which science facts have the "wow-factor" to keep kids engaged.

For instance, he opens the program with this fascinating factoid: There are more germs in your body right now than the total number of people who have ever lived on planet Earth. Eeeeewwwwww! With an attention-grabber like that, kids are sure to listen to whatever Nye says next!

Educational skits incorporate paint, animation, and ultra-violet light to show just how easily germs spread. Graphics reinforce important vocabulary terms. It all adds up to a very persuasive argument for practicing healthy habits and good hygiene- and Nye clearly explains and demonstrates those, too, providing a fantastic lesson with a practical take-away message.

This DVD comes with several features for teachers or homeschoolers, including an interactive Safety Smart quiz and a downloadable user's guide with additional activities and resources. It also includes a Spanish-language option. Appropriate for middle- and high school health and science classes, Safety Smart Science is a top-notch tool for teaching young people about germs.

Gina Catanzarite   ©2012 Parents' Choice
Gina Catanzarite is a writer, teacher, and TV producer with 8 Emmy awards and 20 Emmy nominations to her credit. She has worked in the television industry since 1987, producing children's programming, informational features and documentaries. Catanzarite lives in Pittsburgh with her husband and twin sons.

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